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Hey, readers! Long time not writing here. But we have a good reason for it and we hope you didn’t forget about us.

So, for the last two months, I have been having a work commitment in Frankfurt am Main. I say the entire name of the city because in the meantime I found there is another Frankfurt city in Germany, or like people call it, the ‘other Frankfurt’. These two months meant less of the travelling and more work than usual, so less time for the hobbies. Of course, the travelling bug doesn’t fly that easy, so almost no weekend was missing a new village, city or road trip.

So here comes a new post about a short trip we did in Hamburg during one of our weekends. Short, like I said, yes, but full of walking and visiting that I swear made my feet hurt for 4 days after it.

Hamburg is situated at approximately 5 hours away of driving from Frankfurt. When thinking about it, it makes sense to hit the road on a Friday evening, get there late at night and then have all the Saturday for enjoying the new city. But, we like roadtrips and making them fun by stopping on the way in interesting places, so we thought by rushing to Hamburg on a Friday night will sweep all the fun away. Because we will be spending at least 10 hours on the road for the weekend, they should be memorable as well, not just transit.

Saturday morning we went over the check list: car rented, coffee on board, another extra coffee for the road, playlist for the car updated, very little luggage and a lot of enthusiasm. My German colleagues already told us that Hamburg is the most wonderful city to visit in Germany, so the expectations were quite high.

After a few hours of karaoke in the car, one of the best brunches we ever had in Marburg along with a romantic walk in the oldest part of this small town, we arrived in Hamburg at 4 pm. Just in time to rest for an hour before our booked boat tour and visit to Miniatur Wunderland, the world largest railway model. After all, one of us is a Lego collector and fan, and that someone was more than thrilled when I bought the tickets. Wink wink, Victor 😉

Boat trip at sunset

Oh, the German boat trips. They are amazing, except the fact they are only in German! And for one non-German speaker and one that understands 50% percent of the language, it wasn’t the best case. But, we enjoyed it to the fullest as it took more than an hour and it was the perfect time to see the all parts of the port, because for a short trip probably there wasn’t other faster option. We didn’t understand a thing the tour guide was saying, but the views were quite great, so we were pleased.


Miniatur Wunderland

After the 4 hours spent there, I can only say this place is a must see. At first sight, you would think it is only for children, but I could have counted them only on my hands when we visited. And the place was packed with people, so you can figure.

The designs were so detailed that made everyone curious on discovering stories and what can do what, even me. Every room was showing a different country, representing different cities, on one or more levels, my favourite being Italy. The wonderland is not a static display, but all the designs keep moving, like the trains, cars, boats, even airplanes. A lot of scenarios happen at the press of one button, some more happy than the others, but definitely fun to discover. They say every single piece is unique, even the people.

The best part of the entire wonderland is the display of night and day. Once every 10 minutes, the rooms get dark and you can see the cities during the night, with new specific activities that happen then. One of my favourite displays was the airport where planes were actually taking off.

We stayed there until the closing hour, that being 1am, and then went to our hotel, very eager for some sleep after this long day.


Saint Nicolas Church

Day no 2, hour 18 in Hamburg.

One of my colleagues told me that if I want to see a view over the city I should go to the Saint Nicolas Church as it is the best place to do that. He didn’t tell me the tower didn’t have solid walls up there at 700m altitude and for a few moments with my fear of heights I almost couldn’t walk.

Regardless of all my fears, the church is full of history. Standing up just a small portion of it that didn’t get to burn in the WW II, it represents also a reminder of all the bad things that happened to Hamburg and that should not happen again. You can also see there a display of the city history and in a way, it was overwhelming. Definitely a must see.

Walk in the city

I cannot lie, I loved the city with its architecture, canals and most of all, calm. I don’t think I can resemble it to other cities, but I also think this is because I haven’t visited any of the Northern countries.

The buildings all seem they are part of the same story, with a modern style. Everything is structured, everything is clean, all the colours blend very well. We walked a lot, A LOT, but not because we wanted to see as much as possible, because we are not that kind of people to check places on our todo list. But because walking in this city gives you a state of calm, ironically.

Some of the people that visit Hamburg may not know that you can even get to the other side of the water where you can see some great views of the city. Even more interesting is that you can get there through an under water tunnel. Find it here.

We noticed there are a lot of young people on the streets, but this might be because if the universities present here. Also people seem more open minded, having more fun and living life, most of all. We stopped for a few cappuccinos here and there and sometimes watched the International triathlon ‘Iron man’ competitors that took over the city.

Sunset at the harbour

9pm, hour 29 in Hamburg. Just decided to start our journey back in Frankfurt when we passed by some awesome colours given by the sunset near the water. So, take right and park. We needed to see this up close. And the view made the extra hour that got us to a total of 30. Totally worthy!

We arrived back in Frankfurt at approximately 2 am, fully satisfied with the weekend we had. A roadtrip that was both short and long, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Were our expectations met? Hell yes!

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