We are Ioana and Victor and welcome to Remote and Travel, a space filled with stories about software development, working remotely and travel.

We have been software developers for more than 6 years and been working remotely for 2. When we started this journey, we were still in the mindset that we have to work from just one place, our home. Soon after the first trip that we needed to extend and work at the same time, we realised this opportunity is not to ignore and we should take full advantage of it. And so, we caught the traveling bug. Since then, we have been traveling while working remotely, in shorter or longer trips. We are neither the traditional digital nomads nor the most experts in technology. But, during this time we have learnt a few lessons and we think they can become good tips for others like us.

Me, Ioana, am passionate by all things colourful and photo worthy spots while we are traveling. Also, as a foodie, I always search for the restaurants that show the most of the local culture, even if they aren’t the most popular ones. Museums are not really my cup of tea, but I wouldn’t refuse one if it has a contemporary theme. Love the nature, sunsets near the water and cute/romantic cities.

Me, Victor, I search for outdoor activities while traveling to a new place. Being passionate about cars, I always try to cross of from my bucket list the best roads while renting a car I haven’t driven before. That being said, road trips are my favourite. I prefer cities with great architecture over the exotic destinations, but I don’t mind them once in a while. Working while traveling is the best vacation, as I can combine two of my passions: technology and exploring new places.

Let’s meet or share a path together, give as a signal at contact[AT]remoteandtravel.com!