Fun facts about working remotely

Let’s be honest, remote work is still nowadays some sort of mythical creature that’s not very clear what exactly represents or what people do when surrounded by it. At least for those who don’t work like this.

But those who do work remotely can pinpoint the exact differences between being in an office during work hours or at home (or if you’re lucky, somewhere on a beach with a mojito and laptop by your side). Sometimes these differences are so funny that you can’t be sure if they are positive or negative.

So in case you came to this post because the title made you curious, here are some fun facts about working remotely. You get to decide how attractive are they in regards with working from any location you want.

1. The main one: you still have to convince your family, maybe some of your friends that you indeed have a job. You don’t stay at home all day sleeping, you actually work. But who does believe you? More about it here.

What our parents think we are doing.

2. Going for shopping means buying only pyjamas, comfy clothes for wearing inside the house and sometimes gym clothes. You kind of forget about all the other clothes that you own because you rarely get to wear them.

3. Sometimes you start working directly from your bed. Answering urgent emails is as important as being comfy for as long as possible in the morning.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

4. You get so attached to your house that sometimes seeing a stray cat at your window is good enough for social activity.

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5. The friends you get to see most often are Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. It helps that they are funny too.

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6. The neighbours believe you are lazy and get money from your parents. How else could you be at home all day?

7. You go work from somewhere else during the day just to see or hear more people. 

8. Taking the lunch break and actually going outside for lunch becomes an important event.  You start to think in advance what clothes you will be wearing and you get excited about wearing make-up.

Mood when going outside for lunch

9. Talking about make-up, you never get to use the entire product within the expiration date as you rarely put it on your face.

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10. You talk with your colleagues a lot during the day, but online. Funny thing is that you will probably never meet them in person, even though they already feel like friends.

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11. You have most of your calls in pyjamas. Sometimes without pants. And you get a thrill by no one knowing this.

12. You find yourself making coffee during a meeting while being on mute. You actually find yourself doing a lot of stuff while on mute.

13. Realising during a call that it will be with video and you still haven’t brushed your hair that day.

14. If you work from somewhere else, for example a coffee shop, weird things might be happening in your back that your colleagues will see. Like people looking funny at you thinking you might be talking alone or old people sneaking behind your back to see what you are looking into your computer. These are true stories!

15. Because you have flexible working hours, an urgent matter might appear that needs fixing asap. So you might be finding yourself doing some pair debugging by phone with your colleagues while driving. This is also a true story!

16. You start making friends with the delivery people. The good thing coming from this is that they take better care of your packages.

17. No one believes you when you say you are tired after a day of work. ‘Who gets tired while at home?’

18. Long commute has the meaning of how many seconds does it take for you to get from your bed to your desk.

19. You start wondering about the benefits of owning a car if you rarely get to use it.

20. Taking a sick day off has another meaning. Having a cold does not really keep you off work because you don’t have any colleagues that can get sick from you. So as long as you can type on your laptop and work from your bed, it counts as a working day.

21. Sometimes people come to your place unannounced because you are there every time, right? Also they forget that because you are at home, this does not mean you don’t have to work.

How I expect my house to be during working hours. Empty

22. You can go for hours and hours without actually speak. And you are fine with it.

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

23. You have the daily shower during the lunch break. Just because you can.

24. Some other times, you find yourself doing some house chores during the lunch break.

That house does not get cleaned up by itself

25. You tell your colleagues that you will not be at your laptop anymore just not to bother you while working at a task that requires concentration.

26. You find yourself talking alone. Or to your pets. Or laugh at your screen because a colleague said something funny. And people around you believe you are crazy.

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Working remotely is different than working in an office, that’s for sure. Some may like the first, some may like more the other.

There is no correct recipe for the working lifestyle, but there are some fun facts about remote work that I stated above. I’m sure you have some more too, so let’s make this list bigger.


Joyful working hours may you have!




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