4 Instagrammable cities in Germany

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4 Instagrammable cities in Germany


Not so long time ago I had an opinion about Germany and what it has to offer from a travelling perspective. It seemed cold, with too many rules and without any kind of personality. An European country, maybe too European. I now know that I was wrong. I only visited the wrong places in the past.

This past summer, me and Victor spent two months in Frankfurt am Main due to some work commitments. Travellers like we are, staying in one place for too long didn’t seem that fun, so we made the best from our weekends and tried to visit Germany as much as possible.

Frankfurt being in the centre of the country we travelled in every direction we could, seeing from Berlin or Hamburg to even Munich. The surprises we found down the road? Some amazing small cities that made us keep the camera open at all times. I must say that these cute towns are full of personality, history and not at all cold. My previous opinions were wrong, so wrong.

So let’s dive in and hopefully you will be as mesmerised as we were.


Braunfels is a small city one hour away from Frankfurt. We didn’t knew much about it, only that it had a castle and us having 2 or 3 hours until the sunset, it seemed a good option to end that Saturday in a good mood.

Well, a castle was there, but it was closed when we arrived. So without being able to visit it, we lost ourselves in the town. I would say it is mostly a village because it is quite small and with that feeling that it would be a good place to retire in. And we must say we actually took into consideration to maybe rent a house for one week and just work from there. Having just the calm and positive vibe from the people that Braunfels offers.







The traditional German houses are present, the cobble stoned streets as well and the restaurants in the main square give you a feeling you are in a novel story. People are always smiling and enjoying themselves. We had a cappuccino at one of these places and remembered the times from we were younger. Perfect mood to end the Saturday.



Marburg is at the half way between Frankfurt and Hamburg. Because we left for Hamburg on a Saturday very early in the morning, we had it in our minds that Marburg will be our breakfast stop. And so it was.

The city is not really small, but not really big. Being an university centre it is quite crowded with people, mostly youngsters. The traditional German architecture can be seen almost anywhere, but we enjoyed the most the historical city centre.

Across Marburg and more in the centre than any other place, you will find a lot of hills to climb. So our morning workout found its way in without us even wanting it to. Walking through the narrow streets was surprisingly pleasant, as the city has its own spark. You can’t really explain it unless you are there.







After almost an hour of walking we stopped for breakfast in main square where we enjoyed ourselves watching the warm and slow rain that just started (did I tell you that I love it when it rains? 🙂 ).



My personal favourite: Michelstadt. We didn’t know about it until one of my German coworkers recommended it. At approximately 40 minutes drive away from Frankfurt, it also can be called a village because of its size. And one of those villages that is not touristy at all.

We arrived there on a Friday evening with the plan to have dinner at one of their restaurants. We don’t know if it was because of being almost sunset or just because the town is not that populated but nobody was on its streets. Empty empty, just ours to photograph.

We found a restaurant open in our way that was surprisingly full, in contrast with what was happening outside its premises. The restaurant was called Gruner Baum, just in case you happen to go there. We highly recommend it if you want to feel the German atmosphere.








I don’t know what I liked more: the houses that perfectly describe how Germans used to live or the peacefulness that describes the town at sunset. We walked around it and I think in half an hour we managed to see it all. But I loved it. So much!



Erfurt was our coffee stop on our way to Berlin, located exactly half way there. A pleasant surprise as it was a fast decision found on a Google search ‘places to stop on the way to Berlin’ (I know, not creative at all :D).

The historical centre is absolutely cute and romantic, the best place to stop and have a glass of rose wine on a terrace, watching people passing. It left the same feeling upon me as Strasbourg. That feeling of ‘la vie en rose’.








From all the cities in this post, Erfurt is probably the most pleasant to walk around. Rain did not stayed away this time also, but some parks and big trees on the streets helped with not getting ourselves wet.

After leaving the city, we found out there were a lot of other things to see there, like a newly renovated fortress. For sure, we’ll be keeping it in our minds for the next time.




What other Instagrammable cities in Germany you know about?



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