Postcards from Wynwood Walls in Miami, FL

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Wynwood Walls, Miami

As a fan of all things colourful, whenever we travel to a new city we search for places where the eye can instantly become happy. And the first one that popped in our research for Miami was the Wynwood Walls. Established in 2009 in Miami, Florida, the Walls are an outdoor museum of international street art, hosting the work of leading street painters, with a range from old school graffiti artists to newer innovators. Located in the art district of Miami, you suddenly get the feeling you are in another world as soon as you arrive there. Even outside the museum, every building is decorated with some kind of colourful pattern or a style similar to Bansky, making you unable to refrain from getting a picture.

The entrance to the Walls is free of charge and the museum can be visited every day until midnight. When we went there, in the afternoon on a weekday,  it wasn’t crowded at all and you could take pictures without staying in line. Other websites advise that if you are going on weekends, the morning will be the least crowded for photographers.

To show the beauty of the showcased art, I will let the pictures convince you that the Wynwood Walls are worth the trip.

Directions here.

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