Sighisoara, Romania

Sighișoara, Romania. Or being a tourist in your own country


You already know we love road trips and discovering new locations. But what can we do with being already back home from a longer trip and with not that much time on our plate for a new one abroad? A road trip in our own country, of course. And with a thirst for a change of scenery, Sighișoara won the competition.

The city is situated in the historic region on Transylvania and listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Why is that? Because of its historical centre, well preserved since the 12th century. The town even kept its architecture and cultural heritage surviving the communist period, which was not common for that time. The main attraction of this city is the annual Medieval Festival that happens at the end of July.

SighisoaraSighisoara SighisoaraSighisoara Citadel Square – Clock Tower SighisoaraSighisoara

We found Sighișoara quite sunny and warm for a late autumn day, but we were not complaining about it. The city was not crowded as it is in the summer days, but a lot of foreigners  could be found in the search of Transylvania’s history with Dracula. Why? Because this is the place where Vlad Țepeș was born, the ruler the story is based upon. And Sighișoara takes advantage of this, as elements about this piece of history are found across the town.

What are the main attractions/places here that we enjoyed?

Turnul cu Ceas/The Clock Tower

It’s the most popular attraction from the city. Its name being descriptive, it’s the easiest to notice in the town and also the most visited. During peak season the lines are quite big, but off season you can catch a spot easier, though the tower closes earlier. We did not know this, so we missed the visitation timeframe. So, if you want to make sure you will see it, check beforehand when it is open.

The view from the City Hall

You can enjoy a nice view over the lower part of the city from the Clock Tower, but a much even beautiful view you can see from the City Hall. You can get there just by doing a short walk from the Tower and for sure you will enjoy it. Just make your way along the Instagrammers in search of the best shot 🙂

Piața Cetății/The Citadel Square

If back in the time here the trading and justice trials were taking place, now it’s filled with terraces and restaurants surrounded by colourful buildings. From the square a lot of narrow paved streets are going into many directions, every one of them getting to another cute setting. One more colourful than the other.

Scara acoperită a școlarilor/The covered staircase for scholars

This staircase is also popular in Sighișoara, now because of the 175 stairs  the tourists want to climb for the experience. Back in the day, it had 300 stairs climbed by the students that went to school up the hill.

The staircase is usually filled with tourists so the photographers have a hard time in snapping some artistic shots. But art is still there, as acoustic sounds are offered by people singing at their guitars all day.

Turnul Cizmarilor/Shoemakers Tower

This was the place where we stopped after having been walked for a few hours that day. Not necessarily at the tower, but in the square near it. It’s filled with benches and flower terraces and it’s the perfect spot having a to-go coffee.

Scholars Staircase SighisoaraSighisoara SighisoaraSighisoara Citadel Square – Clock Tower SighisoaraSighisoara Found in Citadel Square View from City Hall Look from Citadel Square to the Clock Tower Citadel Square SighisoaraSighisoara View from City Hall SighisoaraSighisoara Victor being a photgrapher at City Hall SighisoaraSighisoara Square at the Shoemakers Tower SighisoaraSighisoara The City Hall The square at Shoemakers Tower SighisoaraSighisoara View from Clock Tower View from City Hall Shoemakers Tower SighisoaraSighisoara Found in Citadel Square SighisoaraSighisoara The square from Shoemakers Tower SighisoaraSighisoara Found in Citadel Square SighisoaraSighisoara Shoemakers Tower

Regarding the food, you can find mostly traditional Romanian meals at restaurants, but combined with some German influences. We have eaten at the Medieval Cafe Restaurant and it was a great choice. We recommend having zacuscă, salată de vinete and why not some goulash soup (I think this is my favourite meal ever, I will always recommend it). Also, the smoked beer as a drink is something to try. Not to mention the place is quite cute too, so give it a go.

If you want to have a coffee in a nice setting, try Casa Cositorarului. The place is found on a narrow, almost hidden street and the terrace makes it a darling place during the sunny days. Don’t forget about the cheese and apple pies here, they could be a great brunch.

Our impression about Sighișoara? It might be the most colourful city in Romania. And the most different one, regarding the architecture and setting. Somehow, it reminds us of some small villages in Germany. It’s also quite peaceful and people still live in the houses spread over the historical centre. You can always see locals having chats with their neighbours in the front of their homes and with tourists passing along them.

We want to definitely visit it during the Medieval Festival in the summer because it lights up with history for sure. It seems like a great place for having some work days here, so we are keeping it on the list for ‘remote and travel’ places.

SighisoaraSighisoara SighisoaraSighisoara Street where Casa Cositorarului is SighisoaraSighisoara SighisoaraSighisoara SighisoaraSighisoara Casa Cositorarului Medieval Cafe Restaurant Casa Cositorarului Casa Cositorarului Smoked beer at Medieval Cafe Restaurant SighisoaraSighisoara Medieval Cafe Restaurant The street where Casa Cositorarului is Casa Cositorarului


What do you think? Is it worthy for a visit in Romania? If I got your attention, book your dates from below.

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