Tenerife: The island amazing views

 To say that in Tenerife you can’t find some breathtaking views it would be a lie. This amazing island, part of the Canary Islands, is one that left us speechless and there are a few places that managed to do the same until now. Or maybe we haven’t seen that much, hehe.

It was January and all I knew was that I want to escape winter and below 0 temperature. Tenerife was mentioned in a conversation and found out it was quite cheap and quite warm. Almost tanning on a beach warm. So, jackpot, we were going to Tenerife.

When we bought the tickets, the expectations were low, I thought Tenerife is just a normal island with beach all around it and not too much to see except the sand and palm trees. How foolish of me. After 3 weeks spent there (remote and travelling is great, huh?), I now have a new description for it: the island of amazing views.

Why is that? Because you could stop the car at any time, any point on the road and just see something amazing. Speaking of driving in Tenerife? It’s an experience in itself, see more in the video we made here.

So I put together a list of some amazing spots with great views to show how underrated this island is. I am sure there are more of them that we missed, also more that we didn’t but no pictures were taken. Also, I also want to speak only from experience so here you go.


Playa de Las Americas

Playa de Las Americas is the most popular beach in Tenerife, situated on the southwest coast. When you are not doing shopping in this area, doing snorkelling with the sea turtles or surfing the waves, just enjoying the sun on this beach is truly an experience.

The mountain can be seen right from the beach, the palm trees being tall and handsome lining up along a walking path that will take you to see some colourful houses.

Los Gigantes

One of the highest cliffs in Europe at 600m altitude, Los Gigantes is a highly popular spot among both locals and tourists. The sunset here is not one to miss, as the colours from the sun hit the rocks in breathtaking ways.

To observe the cliffs and the amazing views there are several observation decks at different heights in the city. If you go down the stairs from one of these decks, you can find a path to a natural pool where you can have a swim or just relax watching the waves hit it.

The city of Los Gigantes did not seem too crowded which made the entire experience more enjoyable. Or maybe is just the luck of January.

Masca Village

Not far away from Lost Gigantes there is Masca village, the smallest one in Tenerife and also the most popular one. Being located in the mountains, the road to get there is a destination in itself due to the way it makes the ones with fear of heights feel. It might be a narrow serpentine that will take you a while to finish it, but the views from all the way to Masca and from Masca itself are truly breathtaking.

Once you get there, there aren’t that many parking places so you might be finding yourself staying in line for one. Some restaurants and coffee places are usually open in Masca and even though they might be a little expensive, having lunch with those views is all worthy.

To drive to Masca, you can follow the TF-1 road west to Santiago del Teide, and in front of the church, turn left onto the TF-436 highway following the sign to Masca. Once you got there, if you are a fan of hiking there is a 9km route you can do to see even more amazing views. Unfortunately, we did not have the time for it, so only pictures from the village are shown.

Playa La Tejita

Playa La Tejita is probably the most spacious one in Medano. It was January and we found it to be so empty but so beautiful that we were sure we won’t see something similar without tourists any time soon. So nothing more to say about this beach than it is impressive.

Drago Milenario Tree

The national symbol of the island is without a doubt Drago Milenario Tree (or the ‘Dragon Tree’), the tree rumoured to be 1000 years old. It’s red resin resembles ‘dragon’s blood’ and is said to have medicinal benefits. But the legend of the tree is as probable as the legend of dragons, so who knows what this impressive tree might keep as secrets.

You can easily see the tree from the streets with no fee whatsoever, but if you are more curious you can visit the Parque del Drago, the botanical garden where you can relax surrounded by nature and local flowers for 5euro per adult. The tickets can be bought online also here.

Next to the park, there is a cute (or hipsterish) coffee place that makes the experience even better. Or you Instagram feed cooler.

Las Teresitas

If you happen to see a postcard from Tenerife, you will probably see a picture from the Playa de Las Teresitas, the 1.3km long beach in the North-East part of the island. The golden sand found here is brought the African Sahara desert, as in Tenerife only volcanic sand can be found and is definitely not of gold colour.

The beach is usually crowded by tourists, so if you want to enjoy the sun for an entire day, is better to visit it during a weekday. If you only want to admire the views, also unique for the island, you can go directly to ‘Mirador Las Teresitas’, an observation deck from where you can see on one side the golden beach and on the other Playa de Las Gaviotas, one with black volcanic sand this time.

An interesting fact about Playa de Las Teresitas is that it has clear waters and no waves, due to the breakwaters across the beach, so safe enough even for the ones that don’t know how to swim.

Pyramides de Güímar

An interesting fact about the island of Tenerife is that is host to a lot of pyramids, but their origin is not very clear still. A lot of reasons came up along the years, but the most valid one seems to be astrological.

It was demonstrated that on the top of the highest of the six pyramids at the summer solstice there is an opportunity to watch the sunset twice. Myth or not, we didn’t have a chance to check it 🙂 Nonetheless, the view was worthy to be included in this list.

The Pyramids can be found in the town of Güímar, in the southeast of Tenerife, but to see them you must pay an entrance fee to the park where they are situated. Tickets may vary from 12.5 to 18 euro for adults, depending on the sections of the park you want to visit. You can find out more information and even buy tickets online from here. It is my duty to mention the website is not really secured, so I would advise buying the tickets in person.

Teide National Park

This is my absolute favourite spot in Tenerife! So beautiful that we took a second day to visit as much as we can and even catch a sunset there. Its convenient location in the centre of the island makes it easy for anyone to get to it.

The national park itself is free for visitors and it is featured across a wide area, 17km in diameter of territory, with endless landscapes of cosmic like rocks. Because of this, visiting Teide is also known as the ‘lunar experience’.

To get there you definitely need to rent a car, as the roads are impressive with views on both sides of them. Also there are a lot of photo locations to stop that you may miss if you chose a guided tour.

By far, the main attraction in the Teide National Park is the volcano. Visiting this one costs money this time, price that includes going up with a funicular to the base of the volcano, at 3500m altitude.

The views from up top are really mesmerising. I remember saying every 5 minutes ‘Omg, this is so beautiful! I can’t believe I get to experience this!’. With my fear of heights and all. So this is a must! The price for using the funicular can be bought starting from 27 euros per adult and you need a reservation in advance, both of which can be done here. I would advise going as early as possible to avoid the tourists crowds.

Keep in mind that the funicular does not get you to the top of the volcano which is another 200m to climb. To do this, you need to get an additional permit for it, as only 200 people are allowed to visit the peak per day. Also the reservation for this should be done a couple of months in advance, so have this in mind if you want to add this to your itinerary. Find more about this here.


Bonus: a spot around Costa Adeje

This being a post about amazing views, I feel obligated to show you the next one. This is not particularly a landmark, but a location in Costa Adeje that was near the apartment we stayed in and that we discovered one morning on a stroll. Told you you can just randomly pick a spot on the map of Tenerife and for sure you will find something beautiful, right? We were really impressed with the views and colours that we got to spend some time here being so relaxing.

The entire area surrounded by colourful houses and some cute beaches that will captivate you immediately. Maybe this is a well known spot, maybe not. We didn’t find it anywhere else in our research but liked it a lot so here it is. You can get here by following this pin point.



If you have a chance to go to Tenerife, don’t miss it!



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