[Video] What can you see in Piran, Slovenia


Are we in King’s Landing? That was our first impression when looking at Piran in Slovenia from above. But King’s Landing exists no more, so not to make those who are still bitter about the Game of Thrones ending, let’s talk about this city, this hidden treasure of Europe that is so underrated.

The small city of Piran was bounced through the years between Austria, France, Italy and an old Yugoslavia. Since 1991, it’s part of Slovenia, but given its history you can see across the city resemblance with Italy’s Venice. Moreover, until not long ago its official language was Italian, so it makes sense.

Why we chose to visit it? We don’t like at all overly crowded and popular, touristy cities and Piran clearly is not one. Being on the Adriatic Coast, it also offers a tranquility that you can rarely find in other beach destinations.

We spent only two nights in Piran, but it was more than enough to both explore the city and relax by the coast. There are a lot of cute options for accommodation, mostly apartments, but keep in mind that if you go by car, the parking is a bit tricky. Only locals are allowed to park within the city centre, so if your place is located there, you should park your car at a garage in the suburbs (Garage Fornace is a good option) and then use the public transportation. If you need a good recommendation of an apartment, here you go.

In terms of food, there are mostly sea food restaurants, but as good the food is you won’t need any other type of food. I know you like pizza, I do too, but trust me, there are not better sardines, shrimps or sea breams anywhere else.

So, what’s too see in case you find yourself visiting Piran?


Around the Church of St. George

This is a quite nice area where you can see both the main square of the town on one side and the sea coast  on the other. The church also offers a small yard where you can relax in the shadows in the hot days.


Climb the Bell Tower

Near the church there is the Bell Tower. For only €2 per person, you can climb its 146 narrow stairs and have at their end a 360° view over the town. Beware that even the tower itself is a pretty narrow space, so if you are afraid of heights, you might be a little nervous. I know I was.

Tartini Square

What you can clearly see as the main area of the town from both the Church of St. George and the Bell Tower is the Tartini Square. Surrounding it there are some colourful buildings where you can find a few restaurants. And I already told you about the great sea food. If not really hungry, enjoying a gelato on a bench in the middle of the square is also a good idea. Not being a touristy city, you’ll actually be able to be in the centre without that many people around you.

The Harbour

I would describe this harbour as the most Instagrammable place in Piran. It features both some big fancy boats, but also some cute, small turquoise ones. Cute, cute, cute.

Medieval Walls of Piran

For other €2 per person, you will also be able to climb a good number of stairs to admire some views over the city. The walls were built in the 15th century to protect the city from the Turkish invasions. Walking across them or having some snacks on the top of the fortifications (bring your own), the place is so quiet that you have no other choice than to relax.


Some other pictures from Piran to show the charm of the city.


Is it a good place to remote and travel? Yes, it is.


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